" SU 35 Vs Mig 35 " " F 22 vs F 35 "

December 31st, 2010  

Topic: " SU 35 Vs Mig 35 " " F 22 vs F 35 "

Does any one know the differences between " SU 35 Vs Mig 35 " , moreover " F 22 vs F 35 "
February 15th, 2011  

Topic: Re: "SU 35 Vs Mig 35" "F 22 vs F 35"

Originally Posted by SilverAssassin
Does any one know the differences between "SU 35 Vs Mig 35" , moreover "F 22 vs F 35"
I don't know the performance differences between the Su-35 and the MiG-35, I do know they were intended to be a high-low combination in fighters. (The Su-35 would be the high level fighter while the MiG-35 the low level fighter.) Neither are totally new designs but rather major modifications. As for the F-22A versus the F-35A, these two are designed for two entirely different missions. The F-22A is an air superiority fighter. It is designed to dominate the air space and keep enemy aircraft out of the battle space. The F-35A while it can be a fighter, is designed for air to ground combat but, not CAS like the A-10. The F-35 is designed with great acceleration, not a high top speed and, to operate at the middle altitudes. The F-35 has stealth from all directions while the F-22 has a much lower stealth from the front but, higher from some other directions. The F-22A by contrast is designed to operate at very high altitudes (60K-ft plus) at very high speeds -mach 1.5 and higher. At those altitudes and speeds the range of the F-22As missiles is increased by 50%!! Enemy fighters at altitudes 20K-ft lower than the F-22 and not super-cruising would have the range of their missiles decreased by 30%, firing up against the F-22s. So this gives the F-22A a great advantage in BVR combat.
There is an interview with Craig Penrise (I saw it only once), the Euro-fighter Typhoon test pilot. In the interview he states that in a combined effort with the USAF and RAF, the F-22A would cross into enemy airspace and patrol there -undetected. As the strike package with Typhoons, F-35s, etc. approaches enemy territory the enemy would scramble its interceptors. The F-22As would attack the interceptors shortly after take-off, before they can form up to provide the defense a coordinated effort. Also (maybe) the F-22 would attack enemy air defense headquarters. The few surviving enemy interceptors that survived the F-22's attack would be uncoordinated in their efforts to stop the attack package. The Typhoon, F-35s, etc. would attack the enemy interceptors and then proceed with the attack.
February 18th, 2011  
Korean Seaboy
The F-35 is just the smaller, cheaper version of the F-22
February 20th, 2011  

Originally Posted by Korean Seaboy
The F-35 is just the smaller, cheaper version of the F-22
Read and study something . The F-22 is an Air Superiority fighter.
The F-35 is a multyrole plane with VTOL capacity like the harrier.
Both are stealth, supersonic and lethal.
Both are ridocolously costly, but have very different uses.
BTW i'm pretty sure the F35 is bigger and heavier then the F22
April 11th, 2014  
The SU-35 is a disposable plane which is cheaper than the Mig 35. It has the capability to be multirole but isnt brilliant at it. It was made for foreign export and excels at high levels. The best role for it is Interceptor.
The Mig-35 was designed for Russian use, although more expensive and performs best at low altitude. It is swing role capable and can ground attack if necercerry. It is amazing at dogfighting. Its level is slightly below that of other 4.5 gen aircraft like the Eurofighter Typhoon or the Dassult Rafale. Although for russian use it will most likely be exported as the russains are producing the T-50 (which though much cheaper than other American 5th gen fighters is barely below the F-22) which they plan to be their main fighter by 2025.

The F-35 and the F-22 are 2 fairly different planes. The F-22 before we go further will not be produced beyond the 200 mark due to costs. It is and for a long time will be the most capable fighter in the skies. It is a pure bred air-superiority fighter. The F-35 is a swing role fighter with 3 differnet main variants. The A, B, C. The A is ground capability plane for the Us air force and most other exporters The US has ordered 1000 F-35 A's. The B is a Vtol plane for the Marine Corps and Britians royal navy. THe marine corps has ordered 300 and Britain 138. The C is for the Navy with around 500 ordered. The C is largest with CATOBAR configuration.

In terms of the US it will mainly be ground attack for the Airforce as they have Air superiority f-22s. For most other countries importing the F-35 it will be swing role ground attack and air superioity as teh F-22 is solely for US use.

Just for classifacation the F-35 is smaller than the F-22
May 15th, 2014  
MY interesting is : MIG-29 VS Mirage 2000 , which type of fighter will win?
May 15th, 2014  
Mirage 2000 equipment : RDM fire control radar, multi-target search radar
type C install the RDI radar for air combat.The phantom 2000-5 using RDY radar, the air combat and ground attack, the function is strong, and has multiple target ability and good anti-jamming. The maximum detection range of 130 km, which can track up to 8 targets at the same time, to launch 4 (some say 6) "Mika" missile fire control computation, to attack. RDY radar has a strong ability to air-to ground , mirage 2000-5 suitable for carrying out further ground attacks and close air support missions.
Airborne weapon
Mirage 2000 aircraft can mounted varieties weapons,
The power of the strong. The machine is provided with two 30 mm caliber "Tak" gun, the total ammunition 500,
The Mika missile 3.1 meters long, weighing 110 kg
Install active radar seeker at a range of 50 kilometers. "Mika" missile with RDY radar, the mirage 2000 aircraft became the first has the attack ability of the eurofighter. Carries out air superiority / air defense combat mission, the 2000-5 hanging 4 "Mika" missile and "magic" missile,
May 27th, 2014  

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Originally Posted by Korean Seaboy
The F-35 is just the smaller, cheaper version of the F-22
I'm not sure that's totally correct sorry, as said by other members in this Thread these to aircrafts are both designed by lockheed martin with help from other companies ( pratt and whitney + ). They're designed for to different things. Plus the F-35 is actually larger than the F-22.

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