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Topic: Strykers

Without giving anything away obviosly can anybody give details on Brigade Makeup.
Apart from taxi I see there are also TOW varients & MGS which I assume fills a CS tank type role more than engaging enemy APC/IFV. I would be intrestead to know the rough ratio these 3 vehicles are deployed at though obviosly varies on mission. I like the addition of the MGS should make quick work of that MG or fortified position plus the TOW could always help out.
Is the troop version just armed with MG or do they mount grenade launchers as these seem to have gained favour.
I see yet another interim armour upgrade is being done & a proper upgrade is in the works so I am guessing protection levels now exceed M113s by some margin. On that from what I have managed to find seems to be able to go most places as well as an M113 though tracks will always win on the real bad stuff but is it getting time to let the 113 go?

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Originally Posted by imp
Without giving anything away obviosly can anybody give details on Brigade Makeup.
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Cheers for that
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Ok I guess this is American No Worries, You see the disclaimer the numbers are under development, of the Symbols?
I Like them with the Little wheels Mechanise Infantry.

It would be nice to post or provide a link to the meaning of this Tactical Battle map Symbols.

I have the 2006 US Army Land Navigation & Map Text book and those symbols do not appear.

These are New Smybols

Ok NATO Military Symbols

This is the definition of these Symbols US

This is for ARMY

The SNSCC APP-6A SymbolNameStrengthConstituent unitsCommander or leader.

XXXXXX. Region, theater, or front 1,000,000+4+ army groupsgeneral, army general, or field marshel
XXXXX. Army Group 250,000+2+ armiesgeneral, army general, or field marshal.
XXXX. Army 60,000 100,000+2–4 corpsgeneral, army general, or colonel general
XXX. Corps 30,000–80,0002+ divisionslieutenant general
XX. Division 10,000–20,0002–4 brigades or regimentsmajor generalXbrigade2000–50002+ regiments, 3–6 battalions or Commonwealth regimentsbrigadie general, brigadier or colonel.
III. Regiment or group 2000–30002+ battalions or U.S. Cavalry squadronscolonel
II. Infantry Battalion, U.S. Cavalry squadron, or Commonwealth armoured regiment300–10002–6 companies, batteries, U.S. Cavalry troops, or Commonwealth squadronslieutenant colonel
I. Infantry Company, artillery battery, U.S. Cavalry troop, or Commonwealth armour or combat engineering squadron70–2502–8 platoons or Commonwealth troopschief warrant officer, captain or major
•••. Platoon or Commonwealth troop 25–602+ squads, sections, or vehicleswarrant officer, first or second lieutenant
••. Section or patrol 8–12+ fireteamscorporal to staff sergeant
• . Squad or crew 8–16+ fireteams or 1+ cellcorporal to staff sergeant
. fireteam4–5n/alance corporal to sergeant
. fire and maneuver team2n/aany/private first class

Rungs may be skipped in this ladder: for example, typically NATO forces skip from battalion to brigade. Likewise, only large military powers may have organizations at the top levels and different armies and countries may also use traditional names, creating considerable confusion: for example, a British or Canadian armored regiment (battalion) is divided into squadrons (companies) and troops (platoons), whereas an American cavalry squadron (battalion) is divided into troops (companies) and platoons. 2001 US

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