Stock advice

Stock advice
October 17th, 2008  

Topic: Stock advice

Stock advice
Stock advice

Normally I avoid discussing any advice regarding buying or selling of
stocks, but I felt this is important enough to share and warn you since
this explosive situation might prove to be yet another ENRON.

Please review any holdings you might have in the following stocks:
American Can, Interstate Water, National Gas Company, Northern Tissue

Due to uncertain market conditions, I advise you to sit tight on your
American Can, hold your Water, and let go of your Gas. You may be
interested to know that Northern Tissue touched a new bottom today, and
millions were wiped clean. It's a tough market out there.
Be careful!
In case you did not get it, this is a joke sent to me in an email...

Lonnie Courtney Clay
October 18th, 2008  
LOL!!! true.
October 18th, 2008  
Stock advice
October 18th, 2008  
Team Infidel
October 18th, 2008  
October 18th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Man, we can laugh at anything.

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