Stick held to ransom

September 28th, 2004  

Topic: Stick held to ransom

During the same ex as the previous post, I had occasion to entertain the SSM for a cup of tea and a chat in my Det. After the SSM had enjoyed his tea, he left omitting to take his stick. He always carried this, rather attractive, walking stick with regimental and unit badges stuck to it as if it were a 'swagger stick'.

After I had noticed that he had left it behind, I told my mate to put it behind the radio packs in the 43. Sure enough, a little while later, the SSM entered the Panzer looking for his beloved stick. When queried, I put my most innocent face on and denied all knowledge of the stick. He went looking for it elsewhere.

I immediately went to work and produced a 'ransom note' using a sheet of A4 and letters cut from a copy of the Times. The nice point here is that I found an advert which contained a tall (about 4" tall), thin letter 'S'. This was used for the word 'stick'. The note read:

"A long weekend, or the stick gets it!"

Again, my mate was put into action and secreted the ransom note in a manilla envelope, into the SSM's Landie.

A while later, I went into the cook tent for a meal and on the notice board there was, the note. The SSM acknowledged my entry and immediately accused ME of producing the note.

I tried to deny this, all to no avail and I returned the stick - in one piece, saying something like "It's just a laugh, Sir!"
He threatened us both with trench digging (didn't happen)and then congratulated me on a fine ransom note.

As a footnote - We got the long weekend.
June 29th, 2005  
While in Afghanistan, my office worked in 2 12 hour shifts. The Batallion Commander was on the day shift (of course). The night shift, which usually had less to do than the day shift, had to find things to occupy their time. So, they took the Furby (the ugly doll with the big eyes that record things) and posted a Ransom note in the slide show for the Shift change briefing. This persisted for several days, even so far as the BC's major getting in on the act.
Being the smart woman that she was, she just rode the wave until the night shift got bored and returned the doll. To get back at them, she began to leave long lists of tasks that had to be completed before the shift change. They stopped pulling pranks on her from that point on.
August 9th, 2007  
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