Stealth Ships

November 5th, 2004  

Topic: Stealth Ships

So there was a thread about Stealth FACs, but when you think about it, the US doesn't have too many in production. They have a lot on paper, the CVNX, LCS, Zumwalt Class, Sea Shadow, but the closest production surface ships that incorporate stealth are the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers. Does anyone think the US will push the production of more stealth surface ships anytime soon, like the Swedish Visby Class ships? Or is the days of Destroyers and Cruisers long gone? I personally feel the SSN-774 and other Virginia Class subs combined with the Mk V SOC should be sufficient at the moment, but what about later if China or Korea start a larger threat?
November 5th, 2004  
I think that they have to have some "Stealth" surface ships. You can't do everything from a sub.

My belife is that all Navies soner or later have to have some "Stealth" surface ships but I agree with you that subs are better for many things.