Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. What do you think? - Page 2

November 11th, 2005  
The new ones just arent as good as the old ones.

Must having somthing to do with lucas being more involved now.
November 11th, 2005  
Well, despite all of the criticism, I thought it was an excellent movie. My only complaint is on the heavy reliance on Computer Graphics characters. I think a bunch of guys in Wookie suits would have looked much better, the same with using a puppet for Yoda (the green guy). But I think that the awesome fight scenes easily made up for this. Also, yes, the transition was kida shaky, but I guess they did the best they could, so it works for me.
November 28th, 2005  
The movie is good and story takes a tragic twist but Anakin's defeat was little odd to digest as he fought for so long, only to be sliced in the end in just one move.

And "Return to Jedi" is indeed great.

Strangely, I bought only these two parts out of 6 total!