The Star-spangled Banner at school.

June 9th, 2004  
Italian Guy

Topic: The Star-spangled Banner at school.

Is that true that in the States (all grades? ) kids use to sing the national anthem everyday before starting class? I find it good, but is that real?
lots of guys i know ( leftists ) believe thats an aspect of nationalism that they dislike. they dont understand anything.

And I came to argue with this guy last night ( he votes for the communist refounded party ) about Osama. you have to know that the Italian left believes Osma has already been caught but Bush will put it public only days before elections in nov.
It took me hrs to try kick that excrement out of his head. But I'm afraid there would be just nothing left in there when all the excrement's been kicked out. Jerks.
I'm constantly fighting over people like him and supporting the US with everyone, cause I strongly believe in it.
June 9th, 2004  
Well, I dont know about all of the US, but where I went to school(S.C) they would say the Pledge of Allegiance:

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
They would face the flag at attention, right hand on their hearts and say it. I would stand at attention two, feeling all strange....
June 9th, 2004  
Mark Conley
when i was in grade school (1-6) in Florida...we had to face the flag and place our hands over our hearts while they played the National Anthem...but half of us couldnt sing it. But yes, we had the anthem and we recited the pledge of alleigence, then it was class time.

This continued up through 12 grade. In my part of the south. from 1963-1976
June 9th, 2004  
wow...get ready to feel old mark....i wasn't born till '84...
June 9th, 2004  
Well i'm from Canada and i remember when i went to grade school we sang "oh Canada" and said the lord's prayer everyday before class, then they dropped it for some dumb reason, i think it should be brought back myself

June 9th, 2004  
Nowadays, a lot of schools in the US don't say the pledge anymore, because some.... dumb people say that making kids do it is very bad, or some such.
June 9th, 2004  
We say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday before school (or at least we're suppose to) but not the Anthem. It really depends on the teacher. I reamember in kindergarten we would sing Our Country Tis of Thee every morning.
June 9th, 2004  
Oh My..

We don't do any of that stuff. Maybe because Sweden is quite neutral to more or less everything.

The funny part is, we can't almost not even sing our anthem anymore.

They find it racial and therefor alot of schools get to not sing it. I don't know whoever comes up witht he racial idea, but I must say that the racial part is getting out of line. It was even discussed to not use the swedish flag on the day where kids quit school, in the same theory of it being racial.

Sweden and it's rule of equality is getting rather exagerated.

But I am thankful that they strive for equality, but somehow I believe that we should be able to sing our anthem and look at our own flag.

The idea of it being racial is just so.. I dunno.. I will let the smileys say it instead:

That's how stupid it is.
June 9th, 2004  
This is a very touchy subject around here. They still say The Pledge in my kids' school but are not allowed to say prayer.
June 9th, 2004  
Its considered Nationalistic, which sometimes are interpreted as racial, the strange thing is that foreigner are mostly more nationalistic about Sweden then the swedish citizens are.

I my self chose not to sing the National Anthem, i have never sang the whole song and I never will. I wouldnt even do it if im thretend to be killed. Maybe something in the future may change this, as kids or such. (change my presistense that is)