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September 21st, 2009  

Topic: Special Forces,

Hello, I wish to try out for the special forces as soon as possible, but was wondering what the best path to take would be. I relize that the SF look for Intelligence aswell as physical ability, and woul like to know if going to college would help in the long run?
September 21st, 2009  
You're going to have to be more specific. Which special forces? What are your qualifications? Why do you want to do it? Are you physically ready?
September 21st, 2009  
First you should think about hacking it in Combat arms and then start to worry about SF. Join the infantry and get some time in. Learn the ropes and then start looking into SF.
September 21st, 2009  
If you are looking for a slot as SFAS and think you got what it takes you should talk to your recruiter about the 18X program.

Since you said Special Forces and not Special Operations Forces you are looking at the Army as your branch, correct?

We donīt need to know your reasons for going, but if you want help getting ready we will need you physical stats and a few other things.
But all that is in the future.
Focus on the 25 meter target.
Talk to your recruiter about 18X but do not sign any papers untill you are very sure you have got everything you want in writing.

Good luck.

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