Special Forces Sniper or Sniper Wannabe

June 11th, 2013  

Topic: Special Forces Sniper or Sniper Wannabe

I hope someone can help me here. I have a dear friend who has started seeing a guy that I find troubling. He told her that he is 55 and has just retired from the Army and was a Sergeant Special Forces Sniper. He told her that he had to do a complete background check on her because it was required by the government. He has told her that she can not tell anyone his residential address. He doesn't show up on any of the major databases that John Q Citizen has access to. He always carries a concealed hand gun. He told her that he was divorced 2x. He never drinks alcohol.

Needless to say some of these things seemed to be Red flags. What I would like to ask the Vets here is this.

Is 55 too old to be a sniper?

Don't snipers usually have s cover story as to what the did in the army?

If his work was sensitive enough to not have her disclose his residential address, why would he tell her he was a sniper?

Does the Army or NSA require background check on the people who a retired sniper might date or become romantically involved with?

Other than these things he sounds like he might be a charming guy.

I am afraid that she may have started dating another Ted Bundy.
I hope someone can tell me that I am just being overly cautious about my friend. For the record I am not romantically interested in this woman and I am happily married to another.

If this guy sounds more like a wannabe does anyone have a suggestion as to the next steps. I am afraid that she is looking at this guy through rose colored glasses and has let down all of her defenses.

Thank you
June 11th, 2013  
While I don't have any experience in this field, his story sounds like complete BS to me. Hopefully some of the other guys around here can chime in and bring some more light to this.
June 11th, 2013  
The Army does not require background checks on anyone that the service member is dating.

No such thing as Special forces sniper...just a sniper qualified member of special forces. Snipers go through a school and then return to their units. He may have done sniper work along with his other duties, but there is no military occupational specialty within the Army that is specifically "sniper".

My BS sensor is strong with this one...Ask him what his MOS is and what group he was with...or you can ask him what his selection class number was and then pm me...again ill answer.

PM me his name and I can look him up on AKO and tell you immediately if he's a faker or not.
June 11th, 2013  
Cannot agree with brinktk more! This guy is a big load of crap and is up to no good, try to keep your friend far away from him.
June 11th, 2013  
Tell your friend to run - run far and fast!
June 12th, 2013  
Yeah it doesnt quite sound right.................. better to break it off now rather than later when things are too serious........
June 12th, 2013  
He sounds a bit of a twonk to me, he needs to be told to "Foxtrot Oscar."
June 12th, 2013  
If you expose this guy he might start saying he is not in the system because of his "black ops" status or something of the sort...It's BS. Special Operations may do classified missions, but they ALL go through a training pipeline and serve in the military. You can request this guys DD 214 (record of his service) through a freedom of information act request. NEVER take any documentation that he provides you because many of these fakers make a living off of it. They are con men to the fullest and may have doctored their own records, or the records of someone else to look as their own to make their claims legitimate. Don't let this stand, demand explanations from this. If he resists, just tell him you have a buddy that is checking up on his claims because the ODA community is a real small one. If doesn't know what that means...he's lying...if he is scared or backtracks...he's lying...if he walks away saying he doesn't have to put up with this...he's lying.
June 13th, 2013  
I heard of something similar, a chap mentioned that someone he knew said he was a Lightning pilot who had to bail out. I told the chap to ask him what Squadron he was with and what year he had to "Bang Out." He never heard anymore from the "Lightning" pilot.

Are their lives so boring they have to make stuff up?
November 14th, 2013  
You could probably get him locked up in jail for this. He invaded your friend's privacy and pretended to be all this. Both of those are pretty serious crimes from what I know.

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