Special forces proposed weapon - Page 2

January 24th, 2005  
Can't argue that one!
I saw AK's dug up from old ANC terrorist caches - all rusted and not very nice looking - the sarge would slap a clip in it and **** it and fire away - no problems.
January 29th, 2005  
world.guns.ru hasn't been working on my computer lately. does anyone know where else i can get good data and pics?
January 29th, 2005  
look at the sticky at the top of military hardware, theres links to some good dites, www.securityarms.com/net (cant remember which) is good.
February 17th, 2005  
Originally Posted by EagleStrike
don't it look like a heavily modified sig 552 kind of
Yes it does look like a Sig 552, even though it is a modified FN FNC.
February 18th, 2005  
Yeah, check out the new MG by FN on that website. FN Herstal has been on a roll with making fine firearms.
February 18th, 2005  
3.6kg is lighter than the first uzi's i assume.. pretty light, and 7 (etc) mm guns have got good penetration (one strenght ak vs m16)... but arnt future guns going steyer aug style?