Spanish Air Force receives first Tranche 2 Eurofighter aircraft

December 14th, 2008  

Topic: Spanish Air Force receives first Tranche 2 Eurofighter aircraft

Spanish Air Force receives first Tranche 2 Eurofighter aircraft

11 December 2008

The Spanish Air Force (SpAF) has received the first three Eurofighter production aircraft of Tranche 2. The fourth unit will be delivered in the near future. The delivery follows the Type Acceptance agreement for Block 8 (Tranche 2) achieved on 12th September.
Enrique Barrientos, CEO of EADS Defence & Security in Spain, underlined that “the Spanish Air Force is more and more getting benefit from the maturity achieved by the most advanced new-generation combat aircraft in operation. The delivery of these Tranche 2 aircraft steps into the following phase of operational capabilities for our customers and underlines the continuous technological enhancement of the weapon system”.
According to the production umbrella contract, the four Partner Nations committed themselves to the acquisition of 620 Eurofighter aircraft in three tranches, and Spain participates with 87 units. The delivery of the Tranche 1 (19 aircraft for SpAF) concluded in September last year. Tranche 2 foresees the production of 34 new SpAF aircraft. The main difference between Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 aircraft is a new suite of computers and enhanced air-to-ground capabilities. More processing power (speed and memory capacity) will be the enabler for capability insertion.
Moreover, all Tranche 2 aircraft already delivered will eventually go through the Phase One Enhancements programme, agreed in March 2007, integrating the latest achievements. This programme covers new software and an enhanced multi-role Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Furthermore, the Multiple Information and Distribution System (MIDS), the Global Positioning System, the Defensive Aids Subsystems and the communication systems will be upgraded. Finally this programme foresees the integration of the Laser Designator Pod (LDP) and of additional weapons such as Paveway IV and EGBU-16.
Meanwhile the four Eurofighter partner companies continue with the development programme of advanced solutions for the Eurofighter weapon system. Deliveries of Tranche 2 aircraft to the customer air forces have started on 10th October 2008 with the handover of BS040 to the Royal Air Force. More than 60 Block 8 (Tranche 2) aircraft are currently in the final assembly lines across the four partner companies.


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