South Africa's Zuma cancels foreign trip over anti-immigrant unrest

April 18th, 2015  
News Manager

Topic: South Africa's Zuma cancels foreign trip over anti-immigrant unrest

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma on Saturday canceled a state visit to Indonesia to deal with a wave of anti-immigrant violence at home. The unrest which began in the port city Durban two weeks ago and spread to Johannesburg, Africa's economic hub, appeared to have died down on Saturday as police patrolled trouble spots. Thousands of foreigners have sought refuge in camps set up in Johannesburg and Durban and the governments of Zimbabwe and Malawi began bussing their nationals back home. "The president once again expresses his condemnation of the attacks on foreign nationals and has urged the police to continue working round the clock to protect communities and bring perpetrators to book," the presidency said in a statement, adding that Zuma would visit a displacement camp on Saturday.


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