Sort of Irritating

February 26th, 2015  

Topic: Sort of Irritating

9 American woman in 10 years were killed in Vietnam 4 combat related , yet I hear of men and woman who served in combat ect, ect , ect , 1968 was the bloodiest year or the war in which 18000 Americans were killed none were women , the women's names were placed on the wall and to top it off they have their own memorial in DC , political correctness run amok .
February 26th, 2015  
I tend to agree.
In fact only one female was actually KIA.
A nurse, Sharon Lane, struck by a piece of shrapnel in a walkway in a hospital.
A couple more in Plane crashes and one from complications of old age.
No disrespect to any of them, but they are overplayed in many ways compared to some.

I have a gripe regarding omission of actual doctors, up to their elbows in chest cavities and combat medics furiously attempting to clear airways and stop the bleeding while under fire themselves.

Then there's the medivac guys....
February 26th, 2015  
Combat Medic's played a very big role also their actions saved many men, they used placeboes M&M's or what ever telling the wounded man that this medicine would ease the pain .

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