Sonic Bomb? - Page 3

March 1st, 2012  
sound waves can be fatal at high levels or if not that extremely disorienting and will lead to permanent deafness. this would be a brilliant battlefield tactic but in order for a bomb like this to have the desired effect of destruction (and more than likely some widespread debilitation) you would need to pack a B-52's bay with as many flashbangs as you can and drop them all on the same spot, i cant wait to see what the U.S. has in store for this project.
November 11th, 2013  
Ever had a teenager in a fart canned Honda Civic pull up next to you blasting rap at about 200 db? That's pretty disorienting. Those American air raid sirens were made by Chrysler, started in WW2 and used a straight 8 Chrysler motor for power, early 50's they upped the power when the 331 hemi came out. I think they had around 180 hp with the hemis.

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