Some Special Operations Forces Mottos

June 27th, 2005  

Topic: Some Special Operations Forces Mottos

"Uno Para Todos Y Todos Para Uno' - One For All And All For One-
This was the motto of what was commonly called 'The School Of The Americas', located at Ft. Sherman, Panama. Ft. Sherman, also home of the JOTC 'Jungle Operations Training Center' -Used the motto and the unit SSI and also the Jungle Expert Qualification Patch- was a depiction of one of Columbus' sailing ships.
"De Oppresso Liber" - 'From Oppression We Shall Liberate Them'. Loosely translated -'To Free The Oppressed'. Is the motto of the Special Forces and is written on the SF DUI. (Anyone know the origin of 'The Electric Butter Knife')
"Anything, Anytime, Anyplace" - is from the 7th Special Forces Group
"Sine Pari" -"Without Equal" motto of the USASOCM, Army Special Operations Command.
"Silent, Swift & Deadly" -was first used by the 1st Bn 75th Infantry (RANGER) the original Ranger Battalion, circa 1973. This prior to the creation of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Regimental Headquarters and the other Battalions. Later on, one of the Navy SEAL Groups changed it and used "Swift, Silent And Deadly". The Army Ranger Motto that is spoken daily is "Rangers Lead The Way" -This from WWII, was actually spoken as an order, addressed by a General Officer to a Ranger LT. on Omaha Beach. When all were pinned down on the beach by enemy fire, they needed to blow a hole in the retaining wall for the troops to move off the beach. He yelled to the Ranger LT. "RANGERS-Lead The Way" as an order for them to move forward and blow the wall. That became the Ranger motto. -Sua Sponte, which means 'Of Their Own Accord' is the motto on the Ranger Regimental Crest.
It's custom to greet officers and especially other Rangers or SF personnel with a greeting. Such as: 'Rangers Lead The Way Sir!' or 'Airborne Sir!' -When asked 'How Far'? you'd answer 'All The Way'.