Some Impression from Berlin Air Show ILA 2006

June 23rd, 2006  

Topic: Some Impression from Berlin Air Show ILA 2006

Here are some pics from the Berlin Airshow in May. The Highlight was the world's biggest airplane - the huge A380. But I am more interested in military aviation, so here are my favorites:

Messerschmidt Me 262, the world's very first jet in military service. This is not just a mock up , it's a flyable aircraft. Only the engines are not originally. Instead of Junker JUMO engines (that where very experimental and unreliable in 1944) that plane is powered by modern General Electric engines.

A WW2 Navy plane. Skyraider I think. Does someone know more about this plane ? It's really big.
Didn expected that this plane is so big.

THE Highlight for me. B-1 Bomber. A really heavy plane. That plane's base is in England (dont know exactly... talked with the pilot, but dont remenber the Base's name). It dropped bombs over Iraq and Afghanistan, he said.

The new Eurofighter EF2000. This new Interceptor and Air-Superiority Fighter will replace the pretty old F-4 Phantom II in our Airforce.

My Highlight on this Airshow. A Mig-29 with vector-boosters (dont know the exact english word).
The boosters are maneuverable ( like in the F-22 Raptor) . This plane flew unbeliveable maneuvers. The Pilot made a great show with this plane.

A F-15 from Spangdalem.

A A-10 Thunderbird. Heavy!!!

So i hope that you can enjoy that pictures. Sorry for my bad english!

If someone has more information on the planes (Homebases, Units they belong to) please write!
June 23rd, 2006  
The A-1 Skyraider, as you may know, was used throughout Korea and most of Vietnam. A 6500lbs (almost 3000 kilos) ordianance load and potential 10 hour flight time made them damn good support weapons. The $400,000 price tag wasn't bad either.

Still, I'd donate organs to lark about in that Me 262.

By the way, your English is still much better than my German. Thanks for the pics, pal.
June 23rd, 2006  
Yeah, that Me262 is impressive. During WWII more than 1000 of this planes where build and used as Interceptors and Bombers (heavily in the Battle of Berlin '45) . But more than 40 percent of the planes crashed because technical problems arised. It was a untested prototype, that was build in massproduction.

The first German Jet took off in 1938 (build by Heinkel). But fortunately Hitler did not saw the potential of that new engine and blocked the Developement until 1942.

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