Are the soldiers paid in your Army? - Page 2

October 30th, 2004  
A Can of Man
South Korea. $12 per month.
October 30th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
As an E-5 with 8 yrs of service, I get about $2100 base pay, $560 for housing and $240 for food per a month. Not to mention full health benefits and a $460 a year clothing allowance.
October 30th, 2004  

Topic: mx

In the Mexican Army all are volunteers ( aprox. 192,000 active personel). As a''soldier'' you get paid a salary of 3,600 pesos (aprox. 350 US dollars) per month + Free food & health care(officers get free house for their family, but if you are single you live in the barracks). Your contract is for 3 years.
October 30th, 2004  
The Philippines provides salary, about US$ 178.00/ month for privates as goes up as you progress in rank, plus combat pay in one is assigned in trouble areas.

Of course if you are a general like our infamous Maj.Gen. Carlos F. Garcia... (who held the comptrollership position) the SKY IS THE LIMIT!
October 30th, 2004  
In Finland conscripts can make 500 euro in 6 moths while NCO's are making 2800 euros per month.
October 31st, 2004  
The British Army is a volunteer force and the wages are pretty good compared with many occupations in 'civvy street'. You can make a decent living as an NCO and Officers are paid pretty well.
November 1st, 2004  
There seems to be a lot of bonuses involved with the US military to keep soldiers around. They give you cost of living allowances, aviation pay, hazardous duty pay, nuclear career bonus pay, combat pay, the list goes on. When my friend came back from Iraq he apparently had saved up enough money for a nice new BMW 3-series. He's a Marine, enlisted E-4 I believe, might be higher. But since you're living on base and you don't have to pay for utility bills and stuff, you have the opportunity to save up a lot.
November 3rd, 2004  
Yes and very well I must admit.
November 3rd, 2004  
Aussie soldiers get pretty decent pay. About $38,000 AUD per year (or $42,000 if you have a trade) for first year, and then it goes up from there, depending on qualifications and rank.

Reservists also get pretty good pay, and it's totally tax free.
November 21st, 2004  
Conscripts in training are paid pocket money but all staff and troops serving abroad are paid salary.