Soldier to Police Officer

September 21st, 2005  

Topic: Soldier to Police Officer

I came across this article today,


The military could be hired by chief constables to work as temporary armed police, Britain's top police officer has suggested.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair called on officers to be "bold" and consider a range of radical changes to police pay and working practices.

Sir Ian's proposals on using soldiers as firearms officers on Britain's streets are hugely controversial in the wake of his force's shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in July.

"Could we bring staff directly in from the armed forces, give them a small amount of basic training and then clear instructions as to their firearms duties ... to undertake only those duties," he said.

Other civilians could be brought in on short-term contracts to carry out surveillance and financial investigations or to work as mounted officers or underwater search teams, Sir Ian suggested in a speech to the Police Superintendents' Association conference in Warwickshire.

He also set himself on a collision course with rank and file officers by demanding the abolition of the body which negotiates police pay on a national basis.

The Commissioner said there should be an "escalator of powers" which could vary the powers available to police officers and other workers such as civilian community support officers (CSOs).

He told delegates: "We should press for the abolition of the Police Negotiating Board and move towards regional agreements around pay and conditions for police officers."
September 21st, 2005  
Where did you find that article?
September 21st, 2005  
On Britain's official Ministry For Defence Site. If you want to check it your self then try MoD Oracle with the usual prefixes.

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September 21st, 2005  
How bout the good Superindent just break down and start letting the Brit Cops carry?

As I read this, Sir Ian is out to screw the Coppers and save a few pounds in the process.
September 21st, 2005  
03USMC.....Well as a Police Officer gets paid about twice as much as a soldier, I think you have hit the nail right on the head.
September 21st, 2005  
As if the army don't have enough to do already. What made me laugh was they way they said they would give us specialist training. From the sounds of it, after they shot the Brazilian, the army have higher standards than the police.

But i get the feeling they'd use us to do the crap boring jobs that the police think are below them and can't be arsed to do.

They should change our damn from British Army to Her majesties rent a mob.
September 22nd, 2005  
History has shown that the Military and Law Enforcement doesn't mix. Yes, both wear unifroms and both carry guns. The Military's job is simply to fight, hold ground, protect the nation and her people, and kill. Law Enforcement's Job is to enforce the law, keep the peace, and protect the innocent and capture the wicked. It's not good to mix the two.

When Law Enforcement becomes Para-Military. You get Police States and groups like the Gestopo, Stazi, NKVD, KGB, and even in the USA. ATF and FBI when they overstep their power. Waco was one giant FUBAR. Yeah, the folks there were nuts. But the law took thing too far.

And when the Militray takes over law enforcement. You get large scale massacres. Major violations of human rights, and simply Chaos. The SS, Soviet Red Army, and the People Army of China. (Sorry, not an attack but an example. Tiananmen square anyone.)

Different jobs and different ways of doing it. England should train her Law Enforcement personal. DO NOT EXPECT THE MILITARY TO DO IT'S JOB FOR THEM.