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October 21st, 2009  
wow..very good videos indeed! Thanks for sharing those, 13th.

They seem good players..and the fans..oh the fans.. as always.. sensational, amazing bunch!

Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
hehe speaking of soccer here are videos of the RoK Army women's soccer team.
Most of the fans are Army NCO School senior instructors and I'm the only civilian, hehe.
I shot the videos myself.

Intro video:

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Great Photos Obj!
October 28th, 2009  
If you are one that loves good soccer or if you are anti-Madrid then you had a great night yesterday: A 3rd league team beat Real Madrid 4:0 (!) in the cup (but RMA is sure to take revenge in the re-match in the Bernabeu, they don´t feel eliminatd yet).

This not with a team of supplements, but with a real RMA on the grass... The galctians lost against planet Earth, vs. a team that played with verve, speed, aggressiveness, exhibiting basic soccer virtutes, a great goalie (and with a bit of luck and a striker - Borja - that now has made 6 vs. RMA in three consecutive years and 3 different teams, he is one player that comes from RMA but was mustered out because "...he simply does not meet the futbolistic standards of this club..." :reddevil.

Marca sums it up like this (translation by me...

The Real Madrid will never forget Alcorcón city, scene of the most ridiculous event in its history. The City of Santo Domingo caused the most disastrous chapter in living memory in the history of a Real Madrid faceless versus the Cup... Years go by, players change, coaches... and Madrid is rising it´s level of ridiculous in a competition that only has left his coat-of-arms besmudged in recent times. Still, this Tuesday is unique: It will never be surpassed! The Alcorcón, a humble team that simply plays soccer, highlighted the white misery.

The Alcorcón could never imagine such a night, neither The Real Madrid, who went to the locker room at half time with a shirt that had lost the coat-of-arms on the way. For this Madrid it should matter a damn that they still can turn around the tie at the Bernabeu. The damage is done. The Alcorcón demonstrated to The Madrid that illusion, desire and heart still exist and count in soccer. Pellegrini's team dit not seem able to focus for this meeting.

The shameful night of The Madrid should not conceal or relegate to sedond plane the glory of The Alcorcón, who had won 'their' European Cup and 'their' World Cup at once. No surprisingly: The alcorconeros *did* appear on the field, the locals *did* want to win this game. The Alcorcón showed THe Madrid how it is playing football without brigth star lights. The Whites left for the rest losing 3-0. It was not a dream nor a nightmare, it was the real world that did not count with The Madrid. The galaxies do not exist.

The Alcorcón had the first three chances in the first three minutes, when, for three times, they almost scored a goal. The avice to The Madrid could not be clearer. Never mind that players like Raul, Benzema, Guti, Grain, Van Nistelroy, Drenthe and Albiol were present. Those who deserved to wear that white shirt or any other big team´s shirt were Juanma, Nagore, Inigo Gomez, Anaurbe, Ruben Sanz, Sergio Mora, Bejar, Ernest, Borja, Cascón, Bravo, Jeremy and Caramel: Humble footballers who play for love of the sport, which serves them to make ends meet but not to live in wealth. They belong to planet Earth. "The Real Madrid of The Exellences" fell into an abyss.

The outcome of the meeting does not only have to be explained from the heart POV but also from soccer and aesthetics aspects: Much better was The Alcorcón, did not allow the mind of Guti to arrive in Santo Domingo. Without soccer at Real, the Yellows did everything right. The Whites opened the doors wide in thier defense. The Alcorcón did not let pass his opportunity.

It wasn´t the goalie Dudek`s fault to be back in the worst place on the grass again (it means something to say he was the best player when a team loses 4:0). His cross-parade to block Borja´s first attempt to score was the beginning of the end for Madrid. Came the first goal. The second did Arbeloa, who was misplaced for his work and lent a hand to the locals. The other two goals were a of a much higher meaning.

The third did Ernesto, who finished an entry on the left wing, where Drenthe did not exist (if you see the goal you can see he is just "strolling" over the field, R.), who was the assigned bodyguard of The Madrid on Tuesday. Ernesto, author of that 3-0 was a Real Madrid youth product, as Borja, author of the fourth. Alcorcón striker, who was also part of the RMA entity in its lower grades, scored his sixth goal vs. The Madrid. It is not a blunder, Borja beat the Whites already with The Leganés and The Alicante in the last two years.

The ridicule of Madrid transcurred all frontiers at half time, when Guti was angry at being substituted. Real had 2 chances, all disrupted by Juanma, but never found a way to clear it´s image. Raul, Madrid's soul in good and bad, delivered a message the end of the game: "We have been given a lesson in humility." At least they are not giving the coats-of-arms away for free.
See to believe, players worth 250 Millions of Euros on the grass losing 4:0 vs. a team with a 800.000 Euros budget:

Viva el Alcorcón!

4. Alcorcón: Juanma; Rubén Sanz, Iñigo López, Borja Gómez, Nagore; Rubén Sanz; Ernesto Gómez (Jeremy, min.65), Sergio Mora, Fernando Bejar (Carmelo, min. 75); Diego Cascó y Borja Pérez (Bravo, min.82).

0. Real Madrid: Dudek; Arbeloa, Albiol, Metzelder, Drenthe; Mahamadou Diarra, Guti (Gago, min,46), Van der Vaart; Granero (Marcelo, min.63); Raúl (Van Nistelrooy, min. 72) y Benzema.

Goals: 1-0, min 16: Borja; 2-0, min 22: Arbeloa auto-goal; 3-0, min 40: Ernesto; 4-0, min 52: Borja.

October 28th, 2009  
A Can of Man
I always felt that the whole Los Galacticos experiment was a dismal failure, especially considering the sort of money they've been splashing out for the past couple of years.

The Real Madrid of the late 90's and just before the signing of Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) was much better as long as Ivan Campo wasn't playing! I can't remember when Helguera signed up but the defensive line with Hierro and Roberto Carlos was much better... Panucci as well I think. And of course, the midfield dictated by Carlos Redondo.
I followed Real Madrid because I played for a little league side called "Real Madrid."
But since Jorge Valdano started doing that Los Galacticos thing, not so much. I think Raul's career suffered as a result as well.
November 21st, 2009  
The Other Guy
Check out the handball that gets France by Ireland!
November 21st, 2009  
REMATCH! Erin go bragh!
November 21st, 2009  
A Can of Man
Karma's a b1tch
November 21st, 2009  
Oh....right......Yeah, Karma is a b!tch.
November 21st, 2009  
succer sucks with all these betting scandals, they even manipulated CL and UEFA... aont anything sacred anymore?


November 21st, 2009  
A Can of Man
Well France will be booing Les Bleus the coming World Cup.
Or so we hope.
Henry just shat all over his reputation... there's things money can't buy.
November 10th, 2014  
I like soccer in national teams, Allsvenskan and Superettan. No more PL, Serie A, La Liga, Lique 1, Bundesliga and other leagues in Europe even if Man Utd goes to CL i never watch a game or in letter or text-TV it's hurts when my friends says other soccer leagues an the swedish and national teams.

Better with ice hockey from North America and national teams.

World Cup next year. I believe Czech or USA win.

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