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February 3rd, 2015  
Originally Posted by MontyB
But my point is if the Enola Gay was put into a group of exact replicas of the Enola Gay none of us could pick it out.

We associate items with events, first US bomber to complete 25 missions over Europe=Memphis Belle (even though it was beaten by "Hell's Angels"), Atomic bomb dropped by the Enola Gay etc. etc. but the fact is if they painted Memphis Belle or Enola Gay on any B-17/B-29 we would assume we are looking at the real one.

It is the event we remember the aircraft is simply a supporting prop, would you sooner spend an hour getting Paul Tibbets story or an hour looking at the aircraft.
I would agree, but Paul Tibbets is gone and we will never have the opportunity to talk to him again. All we have of Tibbets today are books and a few short films, but we are going to have his aircraft forever. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I have more of a connection to an event if I can view an artifact from that event rather than just read a book about it.
By the way, I screwed up on the Enola Gay, she's not in Ohio but in Washington D.C. That's really sad because I've seen her there. Guess I'll just blame it on old age and a mild case of brain-fade. Bockscar (Nagasaki) is the B29 at the Air Force Museum in Ohio.

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