Sniper questions

February 3rd, 2011  

Topic: Sniper questions

Hi everyone i have bean wondering lately what it takes to be a marine sniper i am 14 and am very dedicated to going to the usmc. I have hunted my whole life and shot big guns. I am a better shot than a lot of poeple in my family and can sneak up on any animal. My left eye is not very good and everyone has told me not to get surgerie. I am also preety fit im the strongest in my middle school 2nd fastest and i go to weight training 3 times a week. I have 20 percent body fat though. Thank you for reading and i hope to se replys.
February 3rd, 2011  
February 3rd, 2011  
Welcome aboard, and I'm sure there are a few people here who could point you in the right direction.
February 3rd, 2011  
February 5th, 2011  
Cne C
February 7th, 2011  
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