Smart arse Aussies

March 24th, 2004  
aussie rigger

Topic: Smart arse Aussies

Whilst on a Battalion Parade an RSM warched up to one of the more out spoken men and pointed his pace stick at him at shest level.
The RSM then said "there is shit on the end of this stick"
The soilders straight faced reply was "Not at this end Sir"
Needless to say one very pissed off RSM march off the parade.
June 3rd, 2004  
bush musketeer

Topic: angry rsm

June 3rd, 2004  
i like it 8)
July 9th, 2004  
Nick E
das gut
July 13th, 2004  
that is funny
January 3rd, 2006  
That takes Guts!
January 3rd, 2006  
rotc boy
had to read it a couple times to get it but funny
January 3rd, 2006  

Quick witted trooper!
January 19th, 2006  
I saw a chap thrown in the cells for having a spider on his bed. He was charged with keeping pets with out written consent.
February 12th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that does take nuts..