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February 21st, 2010  
Originally Posted by rattler
monty, you are right there; Decentralization worked, even though the area bomb period, it had the "hardening" effect described, and - while it destroyed infrastructure for the civilians to an unknown before extent - did not really harm production numbers.

Production was much more influenced by denial of critical materials.

Do you really believe that who is more productive 20 small factories or one big one, the modern model plumps for the big one. So did the Russians who amazingly managed to move most of their manufacturing bases when they were about to be overrun. Add to this logistics of supplying lots of little ones & what meagre resources dont get through due to disrupted rail lines. Did it help slow things down & take pressureoff the Rusians unquestionably yes. Material shortages & getting them to a scattered workforce had a huge effect. APCR virtually none existent & brittle armour being just 2 the numbers might have held but many late production tanks were prone to shatter, then theres spare parts.
February 25th, 2010  

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Originally Posted by LeEnfield
Now why does every one only quote the Bomber raids in Europe, what about the bombing raids on Japan. They where far more deadly than any thing that went on in Europe.
People sight the European War because that is where their argument is the strongest. Far less people debate whether bombing Japan was a waste of effort.

Originally Posted by imp
Do you really believe that who is more productive 20 small factories or one big one, the modern model plumps for the big one.
It might not be as efficient but, one factory damaged meant that weapon could not be produced at all until the factory was repaired. But, if you have twenty smaller plants and two get wiped out then, eighteen are still producing. A reduction in production not a stoppage.
The other thing you have to remember is, the German military set up weapons production before the war. After several factories were destroyed then the German military turned over the production to civilians, who knew about production. The result was they produced more products, increased in quantity and quality.
February 25th, 2010  
I would like to slow learners Soviet/Russian Army in terms of anti-guerilla warfare. In general, they weren't ready both for Afghanistan in early 80-ies as well as for Chechnya in 1994-1995.

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