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March 12th, 2007  

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A major reorganization of the Slovenian Armed Forces is currently underway, with the goal of changing it from a territorial defense force into a deployable force primarily aimed at peacekeeping. After 1993, the Slovenian Armed Forces had relied on mandatory military service, with conscripts receiving 6-7 months of training. In 2003, the Slovenian Government abolished conscription and as of July 2004, the Slovenian Armed Forces had been almost completely reorganised into a professional army now based on volunteers. Currently there are approximately 7,500 officers and approximately 33,000 enlisted personnel, reduced from 55,000 personnel during conscription. Slovenian Army now consists of two brigades, the 1st and 72nd. The Slovenian Army consists primarily of infantry, but it also contains a small air force and naval unit which are subordinate to it.

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March 12th, 2007  
Upgrading of T-55 Tanks
The Russian, Polish and Slovak variants of T-55 are the most widely extended types of tanks in the world. At least 30,000 are still in use which makes this tank the most grateful subject for upgrading. Its combat capacities can be easily increased also up to 100%.
Its robust construction and simple maintenance in a combination with upgrading provides an efficient and realiable combat vehicle which can handle the toughest tasks of modern comprehension of the use of armoured systems. As all mounted upgrading elements are of a modular design, avoiding additional alterations of a tank structure, they can be easily replaced with modern parts prolonging their life by at least ten to fifteen years, retaining the level typical for the second generation of tanks.

Key elements of our upgrading:
Increased fire power by installation of a grooved gun L7 105mm
Thermal protection of a gun barrel
Increased combat characteristics by installation of a Fire Control System (FCS) allowing firing-on-the-move with accurate ballistics
Modern fire control system, day&night vision laser system (I2)-EFCS3-M55
Commander's take-over system, day&night vision system (I2)-COMTOS
Combined day&night driver's periscope (I2)-CODRIS
Increased level of protection with an explosive&reactive amour
Warning system for laser and infra-red radiation
Smoke grenade launcher, red phosphorus-based
Fire control system in the combat and motor compartments
Installation of a new external communication system
A new internal communication system
External communication with tank commander.

March 13th, 2007  
Very nice... so they're ditching the AK series rifle and going with that strange little FN2000 Bullpup. Good for them I guess (fan of the M70 AK series rifle).

Seems like Slovenian Army is ready to kick ass and take names.
March 13th, 2007  
Thank you Krpan. A very interesting couple of articles accompanied by some nice pictures.
March 13th, 2007  
The prop plane seems to bear some resemblance to a P-51.
March 13th, 2007  

General characteristics
Crew 3
Length 9.53 m
Width 3.57 m
Height 2.19 m
Weight 44 tonnes
Armour and armament
Armour 560 mm
Main armament 125mm 2A46 smoothbore gun
Secondary armament 12.7mm M87 machine gun, 7.62mm M86 machine gun
Power plant diesel V-46TK
1000 hp (745 kW)
Suspension torsion bar
Road speed 65 km/h
Power/weight 22.72 hp/tonne
Range 500-700km
The M-84 main battle tank is a Yugoslav produced version of the Soviet T-72. Some improvements over the T-72 include a domestic fire-control system, improved composite armor, and a 1000-hp engine. The M-84 entered service with the Yugoslav People's Army in 1984. The improved M-84A entered service a few years later.
In the late 1980s, a project for a replacement tank called the Vihor (Whirlwind) was started. Unlike the M-84, the Vihor was not a copy of a Soviet tank, but a new design from scratch. However, due to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Vihor project was abandoned.
The latest Serbian version of the M-84 is the M-2001, unveiled in 2004. It features a new fire control system, Kontakt-5 ERA armor, AT-11 Sniper anti-tank missiles, Agava-2 thermal sight, and the Shtora defensive suite. It is very similar to the Russian T-90S.
Croatia developed an improved version of the M-84 under the designation M-95 Degman.
About 150 M-84 tanks have been exported to Kuwait. The disintegration of Yugoslavia prevented further exports.

The M-84AB comes with the new SUV-M-84 computerised fire-control system, including DNNS-2 gunner's day and night sight, with independent stabilisation in two planes and integral LRF. It also comes with TNP-160 periscope, TNPA-65 auxiliary periscope, and DNKS-2 day and night commander's periscopes, and TNPO-168V driver's periscope. It is also fitted with new gyrocompass, communication and intercom systems. This variant is used by Kuwait.
The Kuwaiti 35th Fatah (Martyr’s) Armoured Brigade that was armed with several dozen M-84AB took part in the Operation Desert Storm. During the fighting only two M-84AB were lost but they were later recovered.
This is a M-84AB fitted with land navigation equipment.
M-84ABK command tank
This is a M-84AB fitted with extensive communication equipments, land navigation equipment and generator for the command role.
M-84A4 Sniper
This version includes the new SCS-84 day/night sight, DBR-84 ballistic computer and improved elevation and traverse sensors.
M-84ABI armoured recovery vehicle
This is an armoured recovery vehicle variant, fitted with specialised recovery equipment. It looks very similar to the Polish WZT-3 ARV.
This is the latest upgrade package of the M-84, adding a new fire control system, Kontakt-5 ERA armor, the AT-11 Sniper, Agava-2 thermal sights, and the Shtora defense suite.

Slovenian M-84 modernization program....

FC systems and other and electro-optic components for M-84 main battle tank modernization programs

TFCS3-72CFull Performance FCS with Thermal Imager and Laser RangefinderCOMTOS-84Commander´s Take Over SystemMRS-84Muzzle ReferenceLIRD-4Laser Irradiation detector and WarnerCODRIS-84ECombined Day and Night Driver´s Periscope

March 13th, 2007  

March 13th, 2007  
Does Slovenian Army let the civilian to ride on M-84??? Look at third and fourth pictures.....
March 14th, 2007  
those are some really good pics there. the slovenians look like they're ready for anything.
March 14th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Fox
Does Slovenian Army let the civilian to ride on M-84??? Look at third and fourth pictures.....
Could have been a open house type event. Improve the relationship with the public. They more than likely filled out a liability waiver form and were told where to sit. Than the tanker would drive around a little track and folks would have enjoyed it. The Florida National Guard does that all the time with it's HMMWV and tracked vehicles. US Coast Guard also does it with it's patrol boast down at the beach.

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