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Sleeping with the enemy
June 27th, 2007  
Sleeping with the enemy
Age is irrelevant...hahahahahahahahaha

I found something made in china on my desk...oh no!!!

Ill tell you what though China is making it hard to get generators (I'm not talking your home depot special, I'm talking 400kW big boys), sometimes pushing lead times to a year...Crazy I say crazy....But hey at least they are buying American Gensets

Levi Strauss may have won the cold war but Caterpillar will win the world over... (that is a joke)
June 28th, 2007  
Originally Posted by ASTRALdragon
One major difference between western European nations and China is that western European nations do not use violence or threats of it to carry out their will/policies today whereas China does it on a daily basis (to their neighbors too!). Better to deal with a looming threat than to confront a full-fledged one in the future.
Most of what comes out of China is noise and bluster. They do support our common and current enemy but so do many of our "friends" in europe.

Lets not forget it was Switzerland that refused to transfer some 100 odd M113 APC to the Iraqi national police force because it would be "assisting the US in it's illegal war" and it was Austria that sold 1000 or so of their .50 cal long range sniper weapons to Iran.

And it's been every government in western continental europe that's been trying to gouge the US in the eye at every possible issue since this war started. Lets also not forget it was France, with the help of Germany, that worked so hard to convince Saddam that the US would be kept locked up by the UN security council and there was no real threat of invasion so he could game on to his hearts desire.

Europe has been our traditional enemy. Folk like to forget that since the cold war but France maintained itself as a quasi enemy to the US, selling us out to the USSR on countless occasions and Germany has always been our enemy. Remains so to this day at every opportunity that doesn't demand they actually come out shooting.

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