Sleep Soldier Boy Sleep

May 5th, 2009  

Topic: Sleep Soldier Boy Sleep

Anyone have any form of music or vocals for this song? I am singing it for Memorial Day and am coming up with very little. It is written by Dorothy Alexander in the 1920's to the tune of TAPS. Anything would help.

Lyrics start with:

The battle's over and peace is all around you
Sleep soldier boy sleep on
The canon's roar can never more disturb you
Sleep soldier boy sleep on

May 5th, 2009  
Here is your answer:
June 7th, 2009  

Did you have any luck with your seach for the song Sleep Soldier Boy by Dorothy Alexander. I have a lot of info but I'm trying to find the publisher since I am in the process of trying to record this song. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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