Situational awareness

Situational awareness
January 5th, 2015  

Topic: Situational awareness

Situational awareness
You are in a room full of people with little cover and then a guy comes running in with a gun and starts shooting what do you do? Take cover and run or attempt to disarm the assailant.
January 6th, 2015  
Depends on..
How big is the room?
The number of doors and windows in the room!
How many people are in the room?
How close I am to the assailant?
How old is he - young man or a former veteran?
Which weapon he is equipped with?
Am I there without my family?
Many factors come into play in such a scenario.

You have a split second to decide, and if you attack - there is no turning back.
January 7th, 2015  
You said there was little cover....
I know of a guy who jumped a bank robber just to be a hero.
Bank robber shot him dead.
I saw an interview with an airliner crash survivor.
He stated he did not hesitate for anything nor help anybody-there was fire and he saw an opening and got to it-trampling anybody in his way.
He survived-he made no excuses nor rationalizations. His intent was to live and he did.
Nobody is going to be able to predict what they would do in such a situation. They are speaking through their **** if they do.
Situational awareness
January 8th, 2015  
A person dead is of no value so making a target of your self is out but if in briefest moment you have the opportunity to take action do so . The average person is handicap by not being aware always be aware .

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