Siege Warfare/Preparation Quotes??

April 21st, 2003  

Topic: Siege Warfare/Preparation Quotes??

Hello, all...

I am doing a 7 page paper on Siege Warfare and would love to start it out with a quote regarding either Siege Warfare itsself, or a quote that is stressing the importance of preparation and its key to success...

If you can give me an quote, author, anything, please reply...

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Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.
April 22nd, 2003  
Well I dont know a whole lot about Medival and Siege warfare, but off the top of my head this quote strikes me when dealing with the subject:

Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.
-General George Patton

I'll do some research though, see if I can come up with somthing better.
April 30th, 2003  
I have found a quote on siege warfare said by Napoleon:

In Siege Warfare, as in the open field, it is the gun which plays the chief part; it has effected a complete revolution... It is with Artillery that war is made
Napoleon, 1809, after the battle of Loebau.

Being a Redleg myself, hearing quotes like this warms my heart....