Should Women Be In The Military?

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No Way! 5 2.25%
Not On The Field 52 23.42%
As Nurse, Yes 16 7.21%
Let Them Have A Go 16 7.21%
Sure, Why not? 56 25.23%
Hell Yeah! 47 21.17%
Yeah, We Need More Women As Leaders 30 13.51%
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December 17th, 2003  

Topic: Should Women Be In The Military?

Please, Tell me what you think..

I know I am a girl, but don't use any silk gloves on me because of that..

Feel free to speak your mind in this matter!

I know there are, errr, Many Options..

But that was for your comfort..
December 17th, 2003  
I have no problem with females in the military, I have many female friends who are doing excellent jobs defending my nation. That being said, I don't think they should be put in combat situations on the ground (in infantry mainly) simply due to their smaller frames and resultant inability to carry the same weight of equipment, to run as fast, and to defend themselves as well in an unarmed combat situation, among other reasons.
December 17th, 2003  
This will be intresting..
December 17th, 2003  
Yes ma'am, you definitely opened a can of worms there.
December 17th, 2003  
Hm, this is a real difficult question.

Personally I'm not against women in the military.
I have worked with a several women who did their job at least as good as us men, and some even better.

But one interesting thing I read about when I was in the officer school was a study from Israel (I think).
They don't allow women in combat arms, and one of the reasons for that was us men.....

They had experienced that when a woman in a combat unit got wounded, many of the men stopped completely to fight and wanted to help the them much more than the men.....
And when a women got killed the men took it much harder than if a man was killed.
I guess it's natural for (most of ) us men to care more for females than males....
So they didn't allow women in the front lines any more, just because we men couldn't handle it...

This is a very interesting think to think about, I have given it a lot of thought myself, and I think too that a killed or wounded woman would affect me much more than a killed/wounded man.
That's why this question is very hard to answer.
As I said before, I have worked with several very skilled women, and several of them could beat most of us guys when it came to carying heavy weight, run fast, march far etc...
But this woman/man thing is also very interesting

So I have to think some more about this question before I answer it...
December 17th, 2003  
I agree with you there Redleg, didn't remember it before, but some of my buddies and myself were talking about this and every one of us came to the same conclusion about how they would react to a wounded or killed female soldier as compared to a male one.
December 17th, 2003  
You guys underestimate us.. I don't need 10 men to hang over me with a shot wound in my shoulder.. Just give me a damn medic and let me continue is what I would say..
December 17th, 2003  
Im going to say if they can prove themselves in combat and there are only a select few involved. What I worry about is discrimination lawsuit's that may bring women(or anyone for the matter) into a combat position when that person clearly doesn't have the will to kill or operate effectivly on the field.

Then again Im only a civilian, so dont take my word for it.
December 17th, 2003  
Haha, nice enthusiasm, but I think you might need a little surgery with a round through the shoulder before you could pull a Rambo on the enemy .
We're not saying that the wounded female in question would want all that attention, our point is that we males would of ourselves focus more on protecting/aiding a wounded female than we would an equally wounded male.
December 18th, 2003  
I'm agreeing with redneck.