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No Way! 5 2.25%
Not On The Field 52 23.42%
As Nurse, Yes 16 7.21%
Let Them Have A Go 16 7.21%
Sure, Why not? 56 25.23%
Hell Yeah! 47 21.17%
Yeah, We Need More Women As Leaders 30 13.51%
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April 17th, 2004  
Global hawk, ROFLMAO.
I would love to see a woman run up a mountain with an M2. You can argue equality all you want, but in mixed units, you know who gets the crew serves? The MEN.
April 18th, 2004  
I have run into only one female who can excede all male PT standards. I have no problem goping into combat with her. Women can be allowed into combat units if and only if she can meet all male physical standards.
April 18th, 2004  

Topic: well

Since when does pure strength matter ?
We don't live in the middle ages when it still mattered to a large degree.
LOL. Ok, what your saying is that Hand-to-Hand is a thing of the past?LOL.

Now, I never said NO woman is capable of the physical reqs'. All Im saying is that most women are not, and that economically, its dumb.
April 18th, 2004  
You are going to tell me that strength doesn't matter when you are carrying a 200+ pound ruck? Or when you have to carry a wounded comrade?
April 18th, 2004  
Strength does matter, ask anyone who has done time in a line unit. Here are a few examples that I encountered in my time in a Mech Infantry unit:
1) Flipping the armored skirt on a bradley(so the top of the track can be cleaned.)
2) loading 25 mm ammo boxes
3) reloading the TOW launcher
4) Carrying the AT weapons on top of full battle rattle, weapon, ruck, MOPP suit, and Pro-mask.

These are just a few examples off of the top of my head. IF women want equality then they should have to live up to the same standards as men.
April 19th, 2004  
yea i agree with jaegerwolf. i didnt answer the poll because i believe they will be in eventually. first serving for artillery, behind enemy lines, and later, the tough enough ones will serve on the front line. but that'll be when women and men take shower together. thats when equality will be in full effect. and i think that if the women can hang with the men all the way, we'll need them some time in the future. but i just think that there will be reports of rape and sexual harassment and shiet. but til then, nurses they will be.
April 19th, 2004  
Originally Posted by JaWBreaKer
but til then, nurses they will be.
What military exactly are you referring to?
April 19th, 2004  
I have seen woman who could kick the average's guys ass.
If there is a need for pure strength they can be trained.

No way will there be male- female units on the ground.
They can only serve together if they don't need to sleep together..anything else is asking for trouble.

All im saying is , if i look at the average male recruit they don't look more tough then your average female.
They can be trained to perform everything a male soldier could do.

woman in the front lines? sure if they can perform..if not they need to get the hell away and as far as possible.
Just like males who do not perform there duties as they should.
April 19th, 2004  
Sure we have all seen females who can beat the shit out of the average guy, but they are in the extreme minority.

For example, on the PT test female push ups: min 19; max 42, male: min 42, max 71. sit ups is the same, but the female two mile run is min: 18:46; max: 15:54, and once again the males: min:15:54, and max: 13:00.

If a woman can't do as many push ups as I can or run as fast as I can then how is she equal in combat?
April 19th, 2004  
Ok, we're all just spitting into the wind here and developing bad blood. I will not lock this topic yet, but unless someone has something NEW to discuss on the subject, I would suggest they restrain themselves.