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April 27th, 2004  

Topic: Re: yes

Originally Posted by No MERCY
In combat soldiers die. They all die fighting.AS far as trainning. Its all in your mind. Pain is not known unless it is taught. With out fear or pain they can be as good or better than some soldiers. Its all in the mind u must free your self.
Yes I am confused as well
April 27th, 2004  
Lets see if I can translate this:

In combat soldiers whether they are men or women die and they die fighting for their country. With training on the other hand, it is a mental battle. It is about the Attitude. Pain and resistance to pain is taught and soldiers of both genders can become good of better soldiers with this training. In general both being and becoming a soldier is a stage; think outside the box.
April 27th, 2004  
You just pulled that straight out your fourth point of contact, didn't you?
April 29th, 2004  
nah i can be an insane, pyschopathic maniac at times.

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May 1st, 2004  
i want to fo to the army one day
May 1st, 2004  
Before I began my own business, I worked for one of the larger contractors on the SRA (repairing) the USS Kennedy last year. It was a huge 450 million dollar project taking a year. I could easily climb all ove the ship, hang from a harness and crawl tanks as well as any man could do. However, I did NOT have the physical ENDURANCE and STRENGTH of a man.

In spending quite a bit of time with the female sailors, most of them felt the same way.

I don't think a female should be excluded from the military. Their contribution in many areas is very vital. They should, however, acknowledge that they do have some physical limitations....which they can more than make up for by mental imput.

I found easier ways to accomplish things...because I HAD to. It ended up helping everyone. In the battlefield though, I would not be able to complete the mission as well as a man.

Perhaps a FEW women could...but it would be hard to make that determination until it was too late.

This is just MY opinion......
May 1st, 2004  
Well put, ma'am.
Actually when I used to work in construction, one of the competing crews had a female (actually the mother of one of the guys on MY crew ) who was the toughest woman I've ever seen in my life, but she is definitely the exception (she could probably deadlift more than I can, to my undying shame ). But I have nothing but respect for the females who are serving their country in any capacity. Sorry for the randomness, I just got sent down a mental sidetrack .
May 1st, 2004  
But I have nothing but respect for the females who are serving their country in any capacity.
I think the majority of mature, self-confident serving males do as well. Ignoring the few (and they are few) ignorant males that may disagree, most everyone appreciates the service one give to their country, no matter MOS, and no matter gender. While we joke, pick and generally take pot shots at each other - we're a team, and we work together. It saddens me to see women disregard their sacrifices by claiming they can't "really" service their country unless in combat arms. They not only take away from those females that have made a sacrifice to serve, but the males in support MOSes as well. And they most certainly take away from those females that have paid the ultimate price in those "non-combat" MOSes.
May 2nd, 2004  
I have been in the USAF for almost 12 yrs. The best people I have worked for have been both male and female. I have also worked for some really bad ones too... both male and female. I've seen no difference really, where gender is concerned. It's sad because the ratio of females/males being 1 out of 100 (in the aircraft maintenance realm anyway), and 1 bad female troop will ruin the whole thing for the rest of us who are going above and beyond trying to prove ourselves.
I have met maybe... 12 females who were in my AFSC/Career/MOS field and all, but two of them were awesome mechanics. The other two?... well, they were just screw ups and whiners.. but the fact is..that there are just as many male screw-ups and whiners too. What's worse is, now days, for every 10 Airmen that come in the AF, maybe 2 of them will be really good, motivated workers. TWO, folks. And that's all males, so the whole ratio thing works out. There are just as many sorry/lazy/trouble-some male troops as there are female troops.
It doesn't really matter what gender you are... if you're a hard worker, and you have initiative and spirit.. what the heck does it matter what you have in your pants?
May 2nd, 2004  
I see no reason not to allow women in the military as long as the men behave when they're around...if you know what I mean.

The only possible exception would be submarines, since the quarters are so tight...there's no room for a refit of subs to allow for women's quarters.