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November 2nd, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988
Originally Posted by larsrq
I don't think that you need more troops. You need to have them better trained. I think that USA have the best equipment but your soldiers are not the best trained in the world. What I've seen both in the real world and on TV is that your soldiers are very in flexible. If someone doesn't give a order nothing happends. They don't have the ability to take thier own initiative.
You need better training for your troops.

This is what I have seen and observed and I'm sure that you probably gonna say against me.
It depends on the unit and the mission. Many units are just as flexible as units in other countries. I have worked with the Danish Jaegers and have a few close friends that are still involved, they have some of the same inflexibility issues as do other armies. The amount of training the average Marine receives per year is very large in comparison to many of the European counterparts.