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View Poll Results :Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
Yes - Both 20 35.71%
Yes - But only in Restaurants 18 32.14%
No 18 32.14%
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Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
May 29th, 2009  
Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
Originally Posted by sky2979

I am not a smoker...

but, I do think people should have the right to smoke, especially in bars...people go there to unwind, relax, and have a good why take that right away??

Resturants, well hell thats why we have smoking and non-smoking dosent bother me, if people wanna roast their lungs thats their damn business...I figure my lungs are probably roasted from all this ****en pollution sum it up...people have the right to do what they wish with their bodies, and feed their

I do not know how it is sold in the US, but here it is sold (and I agree that secondary smoking has to be taken into account for todays bycicle-helmet society from their POV, and legally as citizens rights to be protected from contamination) as a tool to *protect waiters and staff* from the contamination smoke they have to inhale from customers would produce (an equivalent would be the law to wear carbon filter masks when you work as a painter). NOTE that alcohol is not banned in Europe following the same line of argument, as it is not doing harm to employees.

My take: Exempt bars/restaurant that are run by the owner alone. No harm done to employees (and European courts already stopping states short there).

Also, exempt "Smokers Clubs" (which exist). Your hobby is smoking the latest taste of cigars from who-the-f+++-knows? Fine with the law (sentences along those lines out in Europe, especially Germany).

I do *not* follow the smokers lobby that ppl that need a job could work in a non-smokers bar, as this might change anytime due to owners decisions.

August 4th, 2009  
Go outside if you wanna smoke. Don't ruin people's food with that stuff.
August 4th, 2009  
major liability
I have never and will never smoke tobacco, but the smell honestly doesn't bother me at all unless someone deliberately blows smoke in my face.

I think that in bars it should be up totally up to the owner whether or not smoking is allowed. If employees don't like it they can find a job somewhere else or quit if the policy has been changed to allow smoking. If you're a customer in a bar you're most likely drinking things that are far worse for your long-term health than tobacco smoke.

Restaurants are a different story, I think they should be required to either ban smoking or provide a separate area for smokers. It's not right to expose people and children who aren't even drinking to something harmful like that.

Either way, I pity the smoker who has to go outside in the winter. Smoking in the cold can be painful and I hear it can even cause water droplets to form in your lungs.
Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
August 4th, 2009  
A Can of Man
A non smoking area in a restaurant is like having a no peeing area in a swimming pool.
August 4th, 2009  
No cause kids dont go to restaurants and bars.
August 4th, 2009  
Yes - I don't see whay I should have to breathe others' fumes.