Sexual harassment in the US Army

May 16th, 2018  

Topic: Sexual harassment in the US Army

Hello Everyone! My name is Keijiro, I live in Japan, Osaka prefecture. You know that many US military bases are deployed on the territory of my country in Okinawa.
I don’t want to be offensive, but those bases are the source of some significant troubles. Osprey crashes, drunken marines kill our citizens, but mostly some terrifying rapes of our women were happen in the past. Looks like it reducing a bit, but not so much.
Few days ago, I found this article about increasing the number of sexual harassment in the US Army.
( ) I worrying about how it will affect people of Japan. If American soldiers doing it with each other so often, and what will prevent them to do it with local population near the US military bases? Is increasing rate of sexual harassment inside the US Military connecting with downgrading of recruits quality? If there are Americans, may U tell me, is this true? I really worry about this situation,because we have families, children, and want they will be in safety.
May 16th, 2018  
I have a theory on this issue and oddly enough it really isnt an "American" thing, I think there is a general break down of society especially in the western world which means what you are experiencing is being experienced throughout the west.
(It may also be the case in the east but I dont know).

I tend to think that our civilisation is running on a parallel with ancient Rome and currently we are in about the early 4th century AD.
May 23rd, 2018  
As an American, I had attempted to join the U.S Army, about two months ago. I am also an adjudicated sex offender, (*I am 17 years of age, hence why it's not a conviction.) we're hearing the same news back home, and it's honestly frightening. Many causes of such, results with the fact that there's a lot of traumatic experiences that occur within our military, so seeing military men run off and do whatever they want to, isn't right.

In all, it's what we call "Mismanagement". The issue lies with the chain of command, that isn't tightly regulating these people, and instead of fixing the problem, they're basically trying to sweep it under the rug in hopes that they can end the discord.

I am not saying that all personnel are bad, however, a fair amount of issues that you are best off steering clear of. I'd heavily suggest not being anywhere in private quarters with someone from the military, for now.

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