Serbia's Multirole Aircraft Wish List

November 17th, 2011  

Topic: Serbia's Multirole Aircraft Wish List

Me being an ethnic Serb, have been waiting for almost a decade now since it was first announced that Serbia would be planning on buying new aircraft to replace their fleet of MiG-21bis's that are falling apart. Well no answer has come yet, and on top of it, we now need to replace our MiG-29's which we only have 3 currently that can fly, that have been upgraded to SMT/2 standard.

My problem is, that our government seems to think that joining the EU means we have to purchase the overpriced Eurofighter Typhoon. They have had talks that would include a promise to buy and upgrade the Soko G-4 Super Galeb to be exported all around Europe. But Russia has come to the table with another deal, saying if Serbia chose a MiG or Sukhoi, they would loan them $3 Billion US for any military spending. There is also Saab who was trying to sell the JAS-39 Gripen but those talks have died out.

To me there is only one logical choice, Russia. The Russia's would be giving a $3 Billion loan for modernization we desperately need, but our political leaderts seem to love kissing America, and the West's a$$. With Russia's plan we could purchase 30 Su-35's and upgrade our Soko J-22 Orao, and also give us enough money for the Army to acquire a full force of M-84AS's. Also they could even purchase a bulk load of older Su-27's or preferably MiG-29's to support the 30 Su-35's, which leaves them plenty of cash for maintenance, and also the option to upgrade Air Defense to Russia's new SAM-400's.

I understand that people will bash my suggestion of purchasing Su-35's. There argument will be that Serbia is too small to need such a big plane with tons of range, but if you look at the 1999 Kosovo Conflict, you can clearly see that the MiG-29's were dominated because they would have to leave the airspace to go refuel, leaving it vulnerable to US Air Force intrusion. If we had Su-35's, there long range would be used to patrol the skies until pilot fatigue comes into play. Simply meaning you have 24/7 control of your airspace, limiting the gaps an opposing air force has to invading your airspace. Especially if you have SAM-400's wherever the Su-35's are not patrolling. Serbia has mastered Low Frequency Radar, to acquire stealth aircraft. I don't see it to hard for them to do the same, except with fire and forget capabilities of the SAM-400, unlike the Neva which has to be guided all the way. I also disagree that we should be even looking at the Eurofighter. In my opinion this is the most overpriced aircraft in the 4.5Gen. I would rather take a cheaper Dassualt Rafale, than a fuel guzzling Eurofighter. It's ability to supercruise would be negated in the small Serbian airspace. The insane manuverability of the Sukhoi I would much prefer in tight airspace. There was a dogfight in 1999 over Serbia where the airspace was so full og planes, an F-15 almost shot down his own F-117 while he was in a dogfight with a MiG-29. The F-117 was literally flying in between the two dogfighting fighters lol. Such tight airspace would be dominated by the fast and maneuverable Su-35, plus with the new planned gas line that Russia is building through Serbia, it would help relations, and might get us into a Russia-India type relation, where our economy would get a boost by building some components indigenously and actually selling them back to Russia. Serbia has this capability with companies like Soko, Yugoimport, and Zastava, and definitely has the technical schools. I know this doesn't concern 90% of you guys, but feedback would be awesome. Especially answers too, do you think the Sukhoi Su-35 is worth it, how it compares to the Eurofighter, and does the Jas-39 Gripen stand a chance??? Would love some responses. Thanks Guys!
November 27th, 2011  
Since serbia has no ambitions to join nato, I believe the best option would be to get mig-29smt/mig-35 and update the existing migs to that standard. Local production would be ideal but not necessary for a small batch of planes. If you have the money you should get su-35s and s-400s.

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