September, the month of the war game!!!

September 8th, 2004  

Topic: September, the month of the war game!!!

this is goign to be a helluva month. beint released is Full Spectrum Warrior, Close combat: first to fight, shadow ops:red murcury, Shellshock 'Nam, and conflict vietnam.
that is, if you like military related FPS.

i personally cant wait for Full spectrum warrior to come out, its about time they released a strategic game of that nature, and it looks amazing,

the other one to look out for is the newest game in the close combat line: close combat red Pheonix, which promises to be an absolute rip snorter!!!!!

and those of you who subscribe to leatherneck or Marine Corp gazette you get a copy of close combat marine, which aparently is being used as a training tool. it looks incredible and it offers up to 3 on 3 fighting, which is something the previous close combat games were crying out for.

sorry if this should be within another thread, i thought it should stand alone.... MO
September 8th, 2004  
This is info worthy of a thread of it's own..

Looking forward to see what Full Spectrum Warrior can deliver..