Semper Paratus!

January 20th, 2007  

Topic: Semper Paratus!

MY PARENTS became engaged and were married while my father was in the Coast Guard. Mother thought it would be romantic to have the Coast Guard's Latin motto, which she assumed meant "Always Faithful," inscribed in his wedding band. She didn't have time to have it done, though, and later was glad. Semper Fidelis is the Marines' motto. The Coast Guard's is Semper Paratus, which would have had an entirely different connotation for a newly married couple: "Always Ready."

--Contributed to "Humor In Uniform" by L. N. Lemond

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
January 20th, 2007  
Very nice. LOL
January 21st, 2007  
January 21st, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's a good story

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