Seeds of the American Revolution

February 21st, 2005  
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Topic: Seeds of the American Revolution

I have a very extensive book on the American Revolution. There are a lot of good quotes and writtings about the events that lead up to the Revolution. I have decided to put them in this thread. I hope you enjoy.

Free America
ascribed to John Warren, 1774.

The seat of sciencce, Athens,
And the earth's proud mistress, Rome;
Where now are all their glories?
We scarce can find a tomb.
Then guard your rights, Americans,
Nor stoop to lawless sway;
Oppose, oppose, oppose, oppose,
For North America.

We led fair freedom hithir,
And lo, the desert smiled!
A paradise of pleasure
Was opened in the wild!
Your harvest, bold Americans,
No power shall snatch away!
Huzza, huzza, huzza, huzza,
For free America.

Torn from a world of tyrants,
Beneath this western sky,
We formed a new world dominion,
A land of liberty:
The world shall own we're masters here;
Then hasten on this day:
Huzza, huzza, huzza, huzza,
For Free America. . . .

Lift up your hands, ye heroes,
And swear with proud distain,
The wretch that would ensnare you
Shall lay his hands in vain:
Should Europe empty all her force,
We'll meet her in array,
And fight and shout, and shout and fight
For North America.

Some future day shall crown us
The masters of the main,
Our fleets shall speak in thunder
To England, France, and Spain;
And the nations over the ocean spread
Shall tremble and obey
The sons, the sons, the sons, the sons
Of brave America. . . .

Rallying Song of the Tea Party

Rally, Mohawks! bring out your axes,
And tell King George weill pay no taxes
On his foreign tea;
His threats are vain, and vain to think
To force our girls and wives to drink
His vile Bohea!
Then rally, boys, and hasten on
To meet our chiefs at the Green Dragon.

Our Warren's there and bold Revere,
With hands to do, and words to cheer,
For liberty and laws;
Our country's "braves" and firm defenders
Shall ne'er be left true North-Enders
Fighting Freedom's cause!
THen rally, boys, and hasten on
To meet our chiefs at the Green Dragon.