You see what we need to deal with evrey day?

December 10th, 2012  

Topic: You see what we need to deal with evrey day?

In that vedio some israeli soldiears came to spread a Demonstration and see what happend.

see the cedio below the article,7340,L-4317396,00.html

Now tell me which arab army or more alot of armys wouldnt shoot those terorists after thrwoing stones in that way that could kill?
December 10th, 2012  
The ROE in the west bank is really fcked up.
You can't shot until they phiscally touch you..
which leads to things like that.
I hope that after this incident they will change the ROE.
December 10th, 2012  
The Palestinian society is completely f..... u. by those radicals. As long as their rule of law is based on sharia there will be problems.

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