Section 2IC

November 18th, 2004  

Topic: Section 2IC

I've just been appointed 2Section 21C for Sicily Platoon in my corps. The IC is barely there and nobody tells me my responsibilities. Can anyone help me with this?
November 18th, 2004  
Talk to your platoon commander and ask him to call you, or have your section commander call you during the week. Since, you are the section 2IC and your section commander is never there, needless to say, you are the appointed ocmmander of that section. Your responsibilies should be to get ahold of your platoon commander or platoon seargeant and ask them what the week's orders are (any upcoming events the cadets need to know about, what the dress is for parade night that week etc). Once you have that information, call the cadets in your platoon and make sure they know what to do. Other responsibilities you should have, is check over their uniforms and make sure they know the standards, how to polish their boots etc.

Back when I was a fight commander (air cadet equiviland to platoon commander), one method i used for phoning was this:

Flight Commander-->2IC-->Sergeants-->Corporals-->Cadets.

Once it has been filtered down, have the message go back up the chain of command. (Corporals call the sergeants and tell them how many cadets they got ahold of, sergeants relay that up to the flight sergeant, the flight sergeant relays it up to the flight commander)