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View Poll Results :Who is the second most powerful nation in the world?
United Kingdom. 20 22.99%
Russia. 23 26.44%
Israel. 4 4.60%
China. 17 19.54%
North Korea. 2 2.30%
France. 1 1.15%
Germany. 5 5.75%
India. 7 8.05%
South Korea. 0 0%
Canada (if you vote for this I will find you and slap you.) 8 9.20%
Voters: 87. You may not vote on this poll

Second most powerful nation in the world.
January 30th, 2005  
A Can of Man
Second most powerful nation in the world.
Yeah the days of super powerdom and the UK are numbered.
They are a major world power, but by no means big enough to be in contention for 2nd best. Same goes to India right now. And whoever voted North Korea deserves a slapping.
2nd spot right now is hard to tell, but I think the eventual winners of this title will be China.
January 30th, 2005  
Looking at the current rate of progress of China, it's anybody's guess that China in 20-30 more years might achieve superpower status.
But you see, I don't think the USA would have ever imagined this, say, about 30-40 years ago.But things changed rapidly.
In the same way you cannot really predict who would be the second best in the same period of time, I think this spot is open for India, Brazil and Russia.
January 30th, 2005  
India,Russia,China and Brazil should first get there people out of poverty before spending some on there military
Second most powerful nation in the world.
January 30th, 2005  
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January 31st, 2005  

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Me thinks you misunderstood

Anyway, UK is a strong country people just tend to forget how powerful we are but we tend to co-inside with USA most the time and don't get the recognisation we should.

But i'd personally say china is 2nd

Xion wrote:
"Some" of the briton posts here are senseless, seems all they see is UK UK and the UK everywhere , wake up , its not the 18 th century anymore lmao.[/i]
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There a few brits on this forum yet I do see all this crap you say we talk about.
January 31st, 2005  
A Can of Man
I think most people in the world recognized China's superpower potential. They did so much wrong over so many years but their country was so big that it was able to stomach all those silly governmental mistakes and still make a quick comeback.
Basically one of the pre-requisites of becoming a modern (and modern, doesn't apply to days of old) super power is a large population. It's a pre-requisite, but it is not a guarantee.
For the rest of us who don't boast large populations anymore, we don't really have a shot at becoming true, modern super powers.
January 31st, 2005  
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