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July 1st, 2005  
Italian Guy
I totally reject the mercs etiquette.
One of my friends was there as a security agent. He one one of the four who were kidnapped in Iraq last year. One of the guys, Quattrocchi, was killed while famously saying "I'll show you how an Italian dies!".
They are NOT mercenaries, regardless of what a dictionary might say.
Number 2: the dictionary does not provide good definition.
July 3rd, 2005  

The dictionary provides the ONLY definition, there are no other definitions if they are not in the dictionary. That is what the dictionary is for, to provide definitions, otherwise they would be useless.

Mercenary is NOT a label. Why are people having such trouble with this? What is the big deal? It is not a dirty word, nor is it degrading to be a mercenary, it is just what you are if you hire yourself out in an armed role to people that you HAVE NO TIES TO. If you're working for your boss, who hired you into a company, you are NOT a merc, you're an employee.

Why is everyone having a cow about the meaning of mercenaries????? The topic was not about definition anyway... Grrrrr