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July 8th, 2005  
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No one was left behind. RIP.
Not true. There is still one MIA.

Oh, right, I must have been confused by the whole "search for missing SEAL continues" headlines.

No one has been left behind.
July 10th, 2005  
They were part of a QRF responding in support of Operation Red Wing. The official DoD casautly list can be found here: Casualty Reports

PO2 Class Danny P. Dietz

Lt. Michael P. Murphy

These two names are not on the above linked DoD list, but have been confirmed.

Remember that these men had family, friends and brothers that may very well be reading this site (and there are a few) - so keep your comments respectable.

RIP brothers
July 10th, 2005  
FO Seaman
Roger that RnderSafe. RIP.
July 11th, 2005  
The final missing mans body has been found

July 11th, 2005  
the ultimate sacrifice. thanks guys.
July 26th, 2005  

BBC link to what apparently happened to the SEALs