April 23rd, 2006  

Topic: "Savior"

Anyone seen this film? It's about the Bosnia conflict and the French Foreign Legion's role in it. I caught about 10 minutes of it and was wondering if it was worth seeing.
April 29th, 2006  
It is so wrong in so many ways...
Foret eh Foreign Legion bit as it is very poor and only goes for about 8-10mins.
The Yugolsavia part of the film (the bulk of it) is OK.
Just engage sleep mode for the brain and watch..
April 29th, 2006  
right, I caught the part where the main character poisoned a child.
My friend's father worked with the guy around whom part of the film is based.
May 7th, 2006  
He actually joined the Serbian Foreign Legion. Not the French Foreign Legion.
May 10th, 2006  
Yes I have seen this movie. I do not know why he was fighting for the FFL, they didn;t fight for the Serbs. He would have joined Arkans Tigers or another unit as an internacionalan dobrovoljac (volunteer) Quite a good movie... it is very graphic and realistic and does not stem from Hollywood so it is worth watching.
May 11th, 2006  
yeah, I've got a general aversion to anything produced by hollywood. I would like to see the videos that Richard Marcinko made with Red Cell