SAS Trivia

SAS Trivia
September 7th, 2004  

Topic: SAS Trivia

SAS Trivia
SAS Trivia

1. An easy one to start with. What does SAS stand for?

2. Where is the SAS home Base or Barracks located in the United Kingdom?

3. What is the SAS motto?

4. Who was the founder of the SAS?

5. Where did the infamous shooting of 3 IRA members occur on March 6th, 1988, that gained particular fame?

6. What amphibian counterpart exists in the British Armed Forces that bears a very similar name to the SAS (full name, not the intials)?

7. What major terrorist attack in the early 1980's gave the SAS its greatest publicity to date?

8. It has apparently been documented that a number of SAS personnel have been present at virtually every major counter-terrorist operation involving a British-friendly country in recent memory. How many personnel are routinely deployed for such advisory assistance?

9. Where does most of the initial basic survival training of the SAS occur?

10. What is particularly curious about the use of the word represented by the A in SAS?
September 8th, 2004  
1. SAS = Special Air Servis (or Scandinavian Airlines )
2. Credenhill (formerly Stirling Lines), Hereford, England
3. Who dares wins (as a matter of fact one of my favorite games on the old C-64 had the same name.)
4. David Stirling
5. Gibraltar
6. Special Aquatic Service
7. SAS's storming of the Iranian Embassy in London
9. Norway
September 8th, 2004  
Wow, good job, peacekeeper. I didn't think I'd find someone who would get most of those right. Most are right, except for #6, SAS's counterpart is Special Boat Service (SBS) and #9, the INITIAL basic survial training occures in Breacons, a place near the Welsch border. I'll leave the remaining unanswered questions for someone else to answer.
SAS Trivia
September 16th, 2004  
10. The SAS has none of it's own aircraft . They jump from aircraft.
October 23rd, 2004  
10. The entire name was made up during WWII to trick the Germans that England have formed up a new Airborne/AirForce unit