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August 19th, 2009  
A Can of Man
You mean to countries where their LEADERS don't care about them.
January 5th, 2011  
Originally Posted by Craftsman
Did i miss something, or has noone touched on the fact that the SAS will never be captured. I'm an engineer, and our regiment is full of ex-grunts including ex 3RAR and 4RAR, and they've all said they'd never allow themselves to be captured. If everyday infantry would rather eat a bullet then face interrogation then i would assume the only way to take a Special Air Superman alive would be an elephant tranquiliser.

sorry mate but have you never heard of the BRAVO TWO ZERO exersize that happened, 8 SAS members went out to destroy iraqi scud missles , got discovered , seperated, only 5 of those men returned including andy mcnab and chris ryan

andy and the men that got captured and proceeded to resist torture with a few lies for 6 weeks until they were released