Salutations from a High Private

December 12th, 2009  
Gary of CA

Topic: Salutations from a High Private

in the Company of Military Historians. Never been in the service, but lifelong civil service. A lot of free time is spent doing military research and I've had articles published in Muzzle Loader, Muzzle Blasts, The Skirmish Line, The Military Collector and Historian and The Gettysburg Magazine.
December 12th, 2009  
Welcome aboard.
December 12th, 2009  
Team Infidel
December 12th, 2009  
Cne C
December 12th, 2009  
Welcome to the forum.
December 12th, 2009  
G'Day Gary, welcome aboard.
December 12th, 2009  

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