Saab comments on Norwegian evaluation

December 11th, 2008  

Topic: Saab comments on Norwegian evaluation

Saab comments on Norwegian evaluation

Saab today held a press conference to comment on the Norwegian choice of fighter aircraft and to highlight a number of ambiguities in the Norwegian evaluation.
12/10/2008 | Saab's comments about the Norwegian aircraft procurement are detailed below.
During the past three years, Saab has participated in the procurement process to replace the Norwegian F16 air force fleet. Throughout Saab has experienced it to be a professional and open process and has had good relations to all concerned Norwegian counterparts.

We have provided answers to thousands of technical, economic and organizational questions. We have also continuously been given clear signals that the answers provided have been satisfactory. It is important for procurement processes of this kind that the potential customer has access to all information considered important to form a fact based decision. We have not once had reason to believe this was not the case. We were given reason to believe that the Norwegian government wanted a close industrial co-operation between the two countries, and therefore put great emphasis on finding strong and competitive co-operative possibilities.

The Norwegian prime ministerís announcement on 20 November that Norway had chosen the American F35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) came as a surprise to Saab. The arguments put forward seemed to have very little, or no, establishment in the preceding procurement process. We did not recognize ourselves in the assessment of Gripenís operational capacity or the description of its costs. It sounded like the description of another aircraft. The industrial co-operation we had promised to create, to a value of up to NOK 50 billion, seemed not to have been of any greater importance.

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