A/S, A levels

November 11th, 2004  

Topic: A/S, A levels

Hello, I can't think of where I can put this.....so I'll put it here.

Well, I'm in Yr 11 (equivalent grade 11, I suppose) and because of staffing issues (our school is in Hong Kong), my school wants me to choose my A/S level subjects (Edexcel board) by tuesday.

The problem is that I don't have a bloody idea what to choose from. So far, in a pursuit of my dreams in the Canadian Armed Services (my parents don't mind .....but they seem to have a slight preference for me to join as a commissioned officer), I've chosen french and history (of which both I enjoy).

However, I'm stuck upon the fact which other 2 subjects I should choose. I'm thinking about geography, but I don't see much of a practical use in that. Physical Education is a choice, but I'm really only strong on the theory... Mathematics and Physics seem likely choices, but I only seem to be strong on certain parts. ICT can be a choice for me, as I'm already studying part of the A/S level syllabus here...

Is there anyone out there who can perhaps give some suggestions or share me some of their experiences with A/S and A level subjects? Please?
November 11th, 2004  
Find out what grades are required to become an officer in the Canadian army, then go through the list of subjects to see which ones realistically you can get the marks required in. After that choose your favourites. (Personal note - I live in england and im doing my A-levels, im still doing physics and last year i did AS maths, you have to enjoy them as they are a lot of hard work, if you can get your head around a lot of formulas and equations then you will be ok, but it is alot of hard work.)