'S.Korea, US Discuss Fly of Global Hawk over DMZ'

September 16th, 2011  

Topic: 'S.Korea, US Discuss Fly of Global Hawk over DMZ'

South Korea and the United States are reportedly discussing flying the Global Hawk surveillance drone near the Demilitarized Zone to secure updated information on North Korean regions. Quoting a U.S. Air Force official on Thursday, the U.S. military magazine Stars and Stripes reported that the Global Hawk’s operation on the Korean Peninsula is imminent and that the U.S. is holding negotiations with a group of countries, including South Korea, on flyover rights. South Korean military officials refused to confirm the report.The Global Hawk can fly as far as 55-hundred kilometers and can acquire intelligence during a 36 hours operation over a region of 140-thousand square kilometers at an altitude of 20 kilometers.

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